Ensure your tyre pressures are correct at your next WOF inspection to abide with the latest updates to WOF Inspection requirements, which we have just recieved.

If any tyre is noticeably over or under inflated it is now reason for a WOF fail.  If your vehicle has a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warning this indicates a tyre is over or under inflated.

Incorrectly inflated  tyres are a safety risk, as they no longer provide the grip and stability required to maintain adequate control of a vehicle.  They are also more likely to suffer failure and increase emissions.

At Autohaus we are happy to check your tyre pressures are set correctly any time and is a standard part of each annual service we carry out.  Under current Level 3 requirements please call us ahead of time so we can arrange a contactless procedure.

We recommend checking your tyre pressures at least once every month and especially before going away on a trip.