My Car Won't Start!!!

The Key Turns But No Go......OH NO!

So the key turns and the speedo display comes on BUT there are no ignition lights coming on and the car won’t start? Mercedes-Benz C and E Class Steering Lock Failures are becoming more prevalent.

At Autohaus Auckland we are specialists in fixing all blocked or broken Electric Steering Locks (ESL). No need to wait for parts to arrive we will have you back on the road in no time.

When Is a Steering Lock Repair Needed?

If you are facing any of these faults please call us immediately to avoid un-necessary extra costs

  1. The ignition key turns but there are no dash lights and the car won’t start
  2. The Steering Lock is jammed on so you can’t turn the Steering Wheel
  3. You see a warning relating to ‘Steering Column Lock Defective” on your dashboard
What Next?

Get your vehicle towed in and you’ll be driving it away in no time. We can repair your broken ESL in our fully equipped workshop. Our technicians are expertly trained to replace and program your ESL for a fraction of the cost of a full Steering Lock replacement. The repair at Autohaus Auckland will cost $1700.00 incl GST

Replacing Steering Lock with an Emulator

Our experienced technicians are able to remove the failed Steering Lock and replace this with an Emulator on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles however, this failure is becoming more common on both C and E class Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Removing all components and fitting the emulator while we have your Mercedes-Benz on site will provide a stronger repair than simply replacing the failed Steering Lock with a new Steering Lock and at a much lower price.

A Steering Lock Emulator will save you both time and money as we can do this onsite without the need to wait for replacement parts to arrive from overseas. We use our specialised tools to fit and programme the emulator providing a stronger repair. Please call our helpful Service Advisors for more information. Please get in touch.

The alternative is to tow your vehicle to a dealership, possibly waiting weeks for a replacement Steering Lock, and pay more! This part is exactly the same part that has just failed leaving room for the very same failure to occur again.

100% Satisfaction

Our Autohaus Auckland team have full testing facilities to diagnose your auto electric faults accurately. If it’s not your ESL at fault we will be able to find the cause fuss free!