The transmission is what makes your car change gears and it requires fluid to do this. A transmission service is recommended as a preventative to avoid transmission damage which ultimately can stop your Mercedes in its tracks!  Without regular transmission servicing you may find your Mercedes-Benz showing you in more ways than one it has seen better days.   That could mean a rather expensive repair job!


At Autohaus Auckland we strongly recommend every 60000km's,or 4 yearly whichever comes first. You can book your much loved Merc in with the Autohaus Auckland Service Team, and at the very least let us take a sample of the transmission fluid. 

 "What's the point in taking a sample?" we hear you asking.  A sample can show us if the transmission fluid has degraded in any way.  We can see the colour of the fluid, if there are any metal files, any odour, or any water contamination. Sometimes we find there is still life left so you can delay the Transmission Service.

To learn more about the benefits of Transmission Servicing your vehicle, get in touch with our team!


The time frames recommended by Autohaus Auckland are based on preventing damage. Initially you may not notice anything amiss with your Merc's gear shifting.  If Transmission Servicing is not high on your priorities the filter may block up stopping transmission oil circulating  NOOOOOOO!!!!  DANGER!!!

When transmission oil stops circulating you'll hear feel and smell the following 

  • Gear changes slipping 
  • Fluid leaks
  • Poor shifting
  • A vibration through gear shifts or juddering
  • An unusual smell
  • Transmission may go into emergency mode jamming it in gear (ouch, expensive)

On average most people travel around 15000km's per year.   It usually takes somewhere around 4 hours every 4 years.  Call our service team for an estimate as each model can be slightly different depending on how much fluid is needed. 

This preventative service can save very costly damage and time waiting for a tow truck!

To learn more about the benefits of servicing your vehicle, get in touch with our team!