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We’d like to wish everyone visiting our page a happy and safe holiday season!

Thank you to all our returning customers for there support and loyalty through out 2019.

Autohaus Auckland will be closed from 24/12/19 and reopening 6/1/20.   There may be someone on site at times through out this period for urgent enquiries however please note many of our suppliers are closed from 20/12/19.


Are you travelling in your car over the holiday season?  Don’t get caught out away with your brake wear light appearing.  Drop in and let us check your brake pads and disc wear for free to avoid holiday stress!


Did you know ……….if the tyre pressures are low you could be spending more on fuel than needed and replacing tyres sooner than needed!   Feel free to drop in to have one of our technicians check your tyre pressures are set to the recommended PSI for your vehicle.